Friday, October 15, 2010

At Least a Hamburger Happy Meal

Hi Folks,

It's been a long while, hasn't it? Divine is in the house today to share another of her, It-Could-Only-Happen-To-Me, moments. while humorous, it does bring to mind the questions, "What are we teaching our teens today? Is chivalry or decorum obsolete? What about selfworth?" And yes, the characters names are Mary and Jesus, but before you run away saying. . .ooo. . .she talking bad about Jesus. . .that's Hay-suce not Jesus. . .LOL.  So read on...

At Least a Hamburger Happy Meal

Divine inserted her key and pushed open the storage-room door. It slammed shut. She turned the key and pushed the door again, and just as quickly, it slammed again. After trying to figure out how a storage room catches a wind, she dismissed that idea and reached into her pocket for the original set of keys. She inserted the key and pushed the door in, applying more pressure this time, and came up against resistance accompanied by a faint rustling noise. Again the door slammed shut.

Okay—the wind can’t be blamed for all of that. There’s someone in there! Now curious, she once again turned the key, and as she was about to put her weight behind her push, the door gave way and she was eyeball to eyeball with two flustered teens. As Divine opened her mouth to speak, the slender, fair-skinned young lady’s eyes slid away from hers. The girl fixed her disheveled shoulder-length hair, slid past Divine, and disappeared down the nearby hallway.

“Oh my gosh! Were you locked in there?” Divine asked, looking at the remaining teen. He shrugged his shoulders, nodded his head, and said, “Uh . . . yeah.”

With forced nonchalance, he walked around Divine and headed in the opposite direction. Divine left the storage-room door ajar and was halfway down the hallway when a thought occurred to her. Wait—don’t those doors look from the inside? She turned around to check, ensuring that she had her cell phone with her in case she got locked in. The resident manager getting locked in a storage room wouldn’t exactly be good press.