Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What Limits You?

What can I say? How many start over at 40? Despite the "it's-all-downhill-from-here" mindset perpetuated by the folks of yesteryear...I'm finding 39 (almost 40) to be a time of new biginnings, realizations of dreams and more.

I'm now dusting off my cobwebs, growing up, joining the adult world and beginning to feel at home in my space.

I recently discovered...(as of last Saturday)...that I can write songs! Lyrics, music and all. Do I play an instrument? No. Can I hear music in my head...surely! I was pushed, pummelled, cajoled, coerced into putting something together for a friend. I started out with..."but I just sing...I don't know how to write songs!" and by the end of the day...I was like..."I can do this!"

All this time...the only one limiting me...was me. In my head, a prerequisite for writing music was the ability to play an instrument...and since I don't...ergo...inability to compose...

Hello... computer software and a creative mind? Well that's my rushed rant... for today.


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