Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Living Each Moment In His Grace

2007 arrived whether we wanted it to do so or not.

For millions around the world, they ushered in the new year with friends and loved ones with fireworks or with champagne. Then there are those who went to church to contemplate or renew their faith and start afresh on the first day of the new year.

In this month, we are encouraged to make resolutions. We are bombarded with advertisements about diets in anticipation of the summer months. We are constantly charged to think ahead. And there's a time and place for all of this.

But there is also a need to live in the moment. We've heard that tomorrow isn't promised. Yet we wish our days away when Monday arrives and we can't wait for the weekend to get here. Or it's 8 a.m. and we wish for 5 p.m. to get beyond our jobs. I've been there with that mindset.

As the new year begins, inevitably it also means that I'm one year older. I realize that time is zooming. I have to enjoy the small, as well as the big things that occur in my life on a daily basis, even hourly. How many times do we pray to give our appreciation and gratitude for the many blessings. As an example, Muslims pray five times a day to remember God, ask for His guidance, and ask for his forgiveness.

My only wish for everyone is that through their own faith, he/she can live life with a little more deliberation under His guidance, compassion, and love.

Michelle Monkou

Sweet Surrender:

Title: Sweet Surrender
Author: Michelle Monkou
Publisher: Harlequin Kimani Press - Romance
Release Date: September 2006
ISBN-10: 1583147802
ISBN-13: 978-1583147801
Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages
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