Sunday, December 31, 2006



I’m Divine and I’m so happy you decided to join us to welcome in the New Year! Dee is a little busy right now, so I'm gonna play hostess with the mostest until she's ready.

I’m grateful for this moment in time time because I know for a fact that some didn’t wake up this morning and some won’t wake up tomorrow morning, however, we’re going to live in the present. Thankful for the here and now, and hopeful for what will be in 2007. God has been faithful and if we can even meet Him one quarter of the way… He’ll do the rest!

That being said… time to PAR-TAY!

So how do we partay exactly without a chat room and/or video camera? (Personally, I’ze scared of those things, since I was traumatized when I first began online dating when a prospective suitor decided to go au natural for me. We were talking about children, mind you… then whoop… there it was! I didn’t go online again for a week after that. And thereafter if asked about having a webcam the answer was a quick NO! I’ve had much time to think on it… and I figure that maybe… I’d just made to big a deal of it all… after all… we were speaking about procreation… he’d just skipped ahead to the show-and-tell section… my bad!)

Anyway… back to how we party without seeing or hearing each other?

Well, I liked how LaShaunda handled Sormag’s Christmas Open House so in that vein, here’s what we’ll do:

Starting at 6 PM (EST) Dee or I will post games, trivia questions or scrambled words to be solved. The first person to post the correct answer in the comment section wins a prize!

We’ll also have a guest author stop by every hour to share New Year’s greetings and an excerpt of their book.


  • Name That Author!
  • Name That Character!
  • Your Turn to Write!
  • And anything else we think up between now and then … LOL.

In the meantime, I'll get back to getting the punch made (alcohol free... since alcohol makes me waaaay too friendly).

If you do arrive before we get back, please sign the guest book (a/k/a comments) and make yourself comfortable, cause y'all really aren't guests... but family.


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